Feast Your Eyes on…Flavored Water!

Although this summer hasn’t been especially hot so far, I’m always on the lookout for something interesting to drink besides plain water. I drink water most of the time these days, but even though it is good for you and doesn’t have any calories, it does get a little boring. I’m inspired by this blog post from Nancy Creative to try some flavored water. She says that the water is best drunk the day it’s made, but I think I could make a big pitcherful and strain or spoon out the fruit when it’s ready so it will keep longer. Do you make flavored water in the summer? Share your ideas in the comments!


I’ve always liked drinking my water with a slice or two of lemon–that extra little touch of flavor just makes water more appealing to me. There are a lot of other ways you can flavor water naturally. You can get really creative with it! Here are some ideas…

  • Add a slice of your favorite citrus to a tall glass of ice water…try lemon, lime, or orange slices. Or combine them…slices of lemon and lime…orange and lime…or try all three together!
  • Fresh mint is always a great addition to a glass of ice water.
  • Combine lemon slices with fresh herbs in your water…try lemon with mint, rosemary, thyme, or sliced ginger root.
  • Cucumbers are great in water, too! Slice up a large cucumber and add it to a pitcher of water…it’s really refreshing. You can also try cucumber with some fresh thyme added in. Or cucumber slices with lemon or orange…

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