Here we go!

Welcome to Bubble Gum for the Brain! I decided to start this blog to track my progress on the 30-day challenges I plan to do and talk about my knitting and anything else that pops into my head. I don’t usually do this type of writing; I do business writing all day at work, so I feel a little self-conscious writing in a more casual style. Hopefully, I’ll get over my stage fright by the time anyone actually reads this.

I decided to do 30-day challenges after watching this Ted Talk. I’ve never  been much good at sticking with things, but Matt Cutts has a good point: you can stick with almost anything for 30 days. I decided to start July 1 with 5 burpees, adding 5 more burpees every 3 days until I end the month with 55. Now, if you know me, you’ll know that the most exercise I get is climbing the stairs to get to my office. On the second floor.  Once a day. I think you can see where this is going.

The first night, I didn’t even remember to do the burpees until 10:30 when I was ready to go to bed.  I can’t skip the first night! So I trudged upstairs, took a deep breath, and started the first burpee. Squat down. Pause. Kick legs back. Lonnnng pause. I’m out of breath already! Pull legs in. Another pause. Stand up. Oh my god, these things are hard! It took me almost 10 minutes to do them, but I finally finished the 5 burpees. How am I going to do this for a month?

The next night at knit night, I was telling the group about my challenge. Sarah said, “I was in the military, and even in basic training we only had to do 30 burpees!” She suggested I rethink my plan and start with something a little more manageable. It didn’t take much for me to agree with her and switch to sit-ups. I started the next day with 10, and I’ve been adding 2 sit-ups every day. I kept forgetting to do them until it was almost bedtime, so now I do them in the morning before my shower so I don’t forget. Since I have a standing appointment every other Tuesday at 8, I take Tuesdays as my rest day. That puts me on track to end the month with 60. That’s still tough, but it’s a lot more realistic.

I want to do other, non-fitness, challenges, but I think I should keep doing fitness challenges, too, so I guess I will be doing two challenges some months. I made a list with ideas I found on other blogs and challenge websites, things like take a picture every day, do 10 minutes of decluttering a day, don’t gossip for 30 days, and do something nice for someone every day. I’m open to suggestions, too. For August, the plan right now is to do tricep dips, but I haven’t decided on my other challenge. What do you think I should do?

OK, now that I’ve got that scary first post out of the way, the rest should be easier. We’ll see in a few days when I post again. Hope to see you then!