WIP Wednesday-Christmas Knitting? Really?

I know what you’re thinking, but I only got one of the convertible mitts for my nephew finished by Christmas. I gave him the one I had finished, but I had to take it back so I could make sure I knitted the second one to match. Poor kid! On the gift tag, I wrote “To Nep_ _ _  From Au_ _  Because it’s only half done!” He got a kick out of that.

I made good progress on the second one this week:

Mitt 2

I’ve got about six or eight rows left on the main part of the mitt, then I can work on the flap and finish the thumb. Most of the thumb gets knitted when you knit the gusset, so there’s just the top of the thumb and the thumb flap to do on that. I doubt I’ll get it done this week, but I want to finish as soon as I can so my nephew can wear them.

Now that the holidays are over, I can replenish my supply of knitted cup sleeves. I buy a lot of single balls of yarn with no particular plan for them, so I started knitting sleeves for my Starbucks cups. Now and then someone will say how much they like the sleeve I’m using, so I give it to them. You should see their faces light up! I gave out my last one a couple weeks before Christmas, so I need to knit some more. For the current one, I’m using my go-to pattern, Kitamu.

Cup Sleeve 1 Cup Sleeve 2

The pattern doesn’t show up very well with this yarn, but knitting into the row below makes for a nice cushy sleeve. Now that I know how many stitches to cast on (the first version had about 12 stitches too many), I can do one in an evening or two.

Did you have to finish any projects after Christmas? Please tell me I’m not the only one!