New Feature: WIP Wednesday

Here’s something for the knitters out there: I’m starting a new feature called WIP Wednesdays. For those who don’t knit, WIP stands for work in progress, a project that I’m currently working on. Now, I have a lot of WIPs because what I work on at a particular time depends on my mood and where I’ll be knitting. A half-finished afghan isn’t very portable, and some patterns need a lot of concentration, so those stay home. I always have something on the needles that I can take with me and/or I can knit without having to pay much attention.

This week’s first WIP is almost an FO, or finished object. (Look how much you’re learning today!) It’s a basic sock pattern, so the yarn is doing all the work. It’s not easy to photograph socks on the needles, so you’ll have to use your imagination a bit. I’ve got a few rows left before I shape the toes, but that will only take an hour or so. Maybe next week, I’ll inaugurate FO Friday!

I love me some zebra!

I love me some zebra!



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